5 ways to use honey for selfcare

Honey is not just another ingredient in your kitchen, if you know all the right ways to use honey it can be a primary product in your selfcare routine. From hair to your skin, it has multiple ways to be used and here are 5 of them that will help you reap all the benefits of this ingredient:

For dry lips

Winters are here and we will face the problem of dry lips every now and then but honey is here to our rescue, exfoliate your lips gently and put a thin layer of raw honey before going to bed, it will nourish your lips overnight and will leave your lips soft and smooth till morning.

For cleansing

If you have acne prone skin, honey is the best cleanser out there for sensitive skin type. It’s antibacterial properties help you get rid of any pimple causing bacteria, it also soothes your skin and reduces redness. Honey can be used just as you use your other cleansers.

For split ends

Not only skin and lips but honey also helps you get rid of your dry and damaged hair. Mix honey with olive oil for consistency and apply it only on your dry ends, leave it overnight to moisturize and treat damaged ends.

To fade scars

Honey has inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that will help you heal your scar faster by promoting tissue generation and lessen its appearance. Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of coconut oil and massage it over your scar for 2 minutes and after cover it with a hot washcloth until it cools down, repeat it daily for results.

For nails strengthening

If your nails break very easily and are weak, you can treat them with one tablespoon of honey mixed with 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar, you have to soak your nails in the mixture and do it once every week to strengthen your nails.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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