Did you know these Hollywood stars are also entrepreneurs?

A li’l side hustle never hurt anybody!

It’d be a joke if we said that acting is just a front for some A-list names in Hollywood, but it is true that many successful actors have invested in businesses. Just Like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Alia Bhatt in Bollywood, here are some entrepreneurial actors on foreign shores. Cameron Diaz has a wine business, Avaline, with her close friend; Gal Gadot moonlights as a boxed mac and cheese seller under Goodles; Selena Gomez, like many actress, has a beauty line. Here are some more:

Ryan Reynolds


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Earlier this week, Ryan Reynolds sold his tech start-up Mint Mobile, for $1.35 Billion to T-Mobile. He used his celebrity status and his wit to grow the company in a crowded market, and has now cashed out. He lent his personality to the business, which was a bonus, just like our next celebrity in the list does.

Drew Barrymore


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From selling kitchenware to furniture, home decor to cosmetics, and having her own magazine, Drew Barrymore does it all. She’s as good an entrepreneur as she’s a good actress. She believes in following her gut instinct and keeping things affordable.

Jon Bon Jovi


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Alongwith his son Jesse Bongiovi, the legendary rockstar channelled his love for wines into building Hampton Water in 2018. The duo teamed up with an expert winemaker and bottled rosé successfully. His passion shines through in the video above.

Miranda Kerr


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Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr looked to her roots to start her skincare business. Her grandfather got her interested in rocks and crystals found in the soil, and her love for it and knowledge translated into KORA Organics.  She often does demos on how to best use the products on her social media.



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