Express with your eyes: 5 mistakes to avoid during eye makeup!

There are a couple of mistakes that the majority of us make with regards to eye makeup, and if the eyes are the window to the soul we need to ensure they look wonderful. To dodge some really normal traps with regards to eye makeup, we’ve gathered together 5 mistakes to avoid when applying eye makeup :

Follow the order

A lot of us still apply eyeliner and mascara before eyeshadow and that is a huge mistake that can make blending the eyeshadow very difficult for you and will also make your eyeliner dull.

Less is more

We tend to go overboard with our eyeshadow and mascara which often leaves eyeshadow pooling in the creases and lumps on the lashes because of the more amount of mascara.

Curl after mascara

We think that it’s better to curl our lashes after applying the mascara while it is still wet which again leaves the eyelashes with lumps and overweight. You should curl your lashes before applying mascara so that you give them the foundation.

Primer on lids

We think that the makeup we put on our eyes doesn’t need a base and that is where we go wrong, to make your eye makeup last long you need to apply primer which will also pop out the color of your eyeshadow besides letting it last longer.

Blending is the key

Nothing can make your eye makeup look very mixed up just as much an unblended eye shadow can. A lot of times we do not give eye shadow blending the time it requires which causes the makeup to look messy and unfinished.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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