Festival Style Fashion makes an entry!

Though festivals may not have returned fully, but the festival fashion is surely steaming-up this summer. What to wear in the field has always been a curious choice. This crowd style carefree look now popularly known as the ‘festival edit’ is self-expressive and screams individuality. Here’s our take at this years festival style outfit trends!

— Tie-Dye
This splash of colour has made it’s way right to the top this summer. Tie-dye loungewear sets, extra large tees and even beach cover-ups. DIY tie-dyeing has allowed us to translate our creativity into our outfits. 

— Boho Tones
Hippie culture and dressing grew to fame with festivals. Earthy or boho tones predominantly made an appearance in such gatherings. From beige boots to rattan bags all the shades of brown are a festival favorite. These neutral tones paired with a dash of color makes it a festival style dress code.

— Chunky Boots
Festival fashion is all about escaping the reality, casual dressing at its best. Stomping through the season is the chunky boots. Boots that draw attention and complete your outfit. These heavy-duty shoes are sporty and add a little exaggeration to your otherwise basic outfit.

— Printed Trousers
Festival style fashion emerged from the early 60’s. This decades old trend is all about adding cheer and vintage to our look. Printed wide trousers with floral or abstract prints is doing the rounds. 

— Crochet 
Did you ever imagine? Crochet from decor items would go all the way to runways making it a stunning choice for summer festivals. Mini shorts to dresses and cover-ups, these are lightweight boho outfits that make a perfect festival style outfit.

This summers lets get field ready and nail that festival look!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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