Game Cafes, the new house party!

With spending most of the time last year at home, what we all have missed is interacting and catching up with people in real time. These cafes are the perfect distraction we all need from our digital world, a game night with food, music and good company. The concept of game cafes has been well perceived in Dubai and is gaining immense popularity especially amongst the millennials. Here are few of the trending game cafes in the city. 

1. Six Cafe, Downtown 

With over 1000 board games to offer, Six cafe is a place to play, connect and also enjoy some scrumptious food. Facing the iconic Burj Khalifa, this cafe lets you play as many games as you like for an unlimited time with an entry charge of AED 35. 

2. Charade, Wasl 51

Grab some delish food, abstract art and ofcourse enjoy the wide range of board games, all under one roof. Their tasty burgers and jumbo shakes are also quite a buzz. 

3. Hive Cafe, Sheikh Zayed Road

Bored playing the same old board games? This cafe has some variety of board games that are very engaging and entertaining. Snazzy interiors and mural art walls keeps us longer. Starting at AED 15 for an hour.

4. Unwind Cafe, 

As the name has it, leave all your stress behind! With over 800 board games along with game masters to explain and teach you the game before you hop on to the winning wagon. They are known for their speciality coffee and artisan sandwiches too. 

5. Rails, JLT

If there are board game cafes in the city, there are gaming cafes too. Rails is an esports center offering video games, PlayStation, billiards and foosball. Along with food and drinks options. Starting at AED 10 for an hour.

Game on?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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