Gully Boy turns 5: Here’s why Ranveer Singh’s Murad remains one of his most loved characters!

Among the plethora of memorable roles essayed by the charismatic superstar Ranveer Singh, one that stands out with timeless appeal is Murad from the movie ‘Gully Boy,’ that celebrates its fifth anniversary, today.

Released in 2019, ‘Gully Boy’, directed by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, Gully Boy took the audience on an interesting and inspiring journey of the Mumbai hip-hop crowd. At the heart of this cinematic gem was Ranveer Singh’s Murad, a character that found a permanent place in the hearts of the audience and especially his fans. Even five years later, Murad remains not just a character but an embodiment of Ranveer’s vision and ability to breathe life into his distinct roles.

Ranveer’s effortless portrayal of Murad was nothing short of transformative. From the raw emotions and rap performances to the nuanced expressions that revealed the struggles and triumphs of his character, Ranveer seamlessly slipped into Murad’s skin. Every time he appeared on screen, there was an undeniable pull and charm that kept audiences hooked.

The film showcased not only Ranveer’s impressive rapping skills but also his ability to convey the complexities of Murad’s journey – from an aspiring rapper to a beacon of hope breaking through societal barriers. The energetic performer continues to entertain audiences with his dynamic performances. Recently, he donned the hat of Rocky Randhawa in ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani,’ and once again, he proved why his characters always resonate so deeply with the audiences!


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