Halloween Spook Fest: 5 movies perfect for kids during Halloween!

While we adults have our fair share of fun during the spooky season, Halloween is the time for kids to celebrate and shine with their favourite candy and costumes! While our pick of favourite scary movies may be too scary for kids, worry not. Here’s a list of 5 movies that are perfect for kids and their Halloween spirit!

The Addams Family (1991, 1993, 1998, 2019):

Pick any adaptation of the movie, the ghoulish family never fails to lift our spirits up with their cheerless demeanor and their fun experiments! The movie is perfect for children (and adults), especially if you also have a sibling that you always seem love and hate at the same time: 

Monsters Inc. (2001): 

The Pixar movie will take you to the unusual yet familiar world of monsters not just creeping into your bedroom but also going to work and earning a livelihood! The friendship between Sulley and Mike coupled with these friendly and not-so-friendly monsters will be a treat for the kids to watch! If the movie leaves you wanting to see more of them, you can always continue the movie marathon with Monsters University (2013) and Party Central (2013).

Night at the Museum (2006-2013): 

Who said museums are boring? At this museum, history comes alive at night! Starring Ben Stiller, and Robin Williams, the movie trilogy is a perfect mix of fantasy and comedy to keep the children entertained! The movie will make them learn as they laugh. 

Hotel Transylvania (2012, 2015, 2018): 

Monsters need a vacation too! And when they do, they book their rooms at Hotel Transylvania. Watch Count Dracula try to parent his 118-year-old daughter with his group of oddballs and misfits! It may be time for humans to convince monsters that we can be friends. 

Monster House (2006): 

A house that hates children, and three children who the adults won’t believe when they say that the neighboring house hates children! Watch these three brave younglings fight the Monster House with immense bravery and the classic teenage attitude!


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)




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