Harry Potter 20th anniversary: BTS pics every fan should check out!

20 years back, we went to the theater to witness a world of magic, spells and all things fantasy. Since then, we followed the journey of Harry Potter, who we saw growing up from a little cute child to a charming young man that plays with magic! Celebrating this fascinating journey, we collected rare pictures in case you have missed them!

It’s always the right time to have fun!

it seems like they were shooting a serious scene. But, Emma Watson decided to give the director a new hairstyle. Because why not?

The cute Dobbie

Ask fans “Which character of the Harry Potter franchise is your favorite?” and some will have one certain answer “Dobbie”. Dobbie wins the Cutest Creepiest Creature award no doubt!

The best friends

We really can’t imagine any three but those playing Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. the golden trio indeed!

Getting ready!

Harry Potter is a movie that you will have loads of fun while watching it. Watching behind the scenes and learning more about the preparations of the movie will provide you with loads of fun.

Let’s forget the past and start a new page 

This picture is the real definition of EPIC! these two standing close to each other peacefully? huh?

A quick meeting

it takes a groom and a chair to fly in Harry Potter’s world




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