Here’s what we all know about slugging!

Slugging is being an essential skincare routine for those who have dry skin


While scrolling on TikTok, you must’ve noticed the new skincare routine, which is “Slugging”. And it’s perfect for those who have dry skin. It provides the needed hydration and protection for the skin and adds an instant glow. Here’s what we all know about slugging.


First things first, what is slugging? Slugging is the process of applying an occlusive product to your skin before bedtime. this technique helps in preventing water loss and dehydration of the skin.


Slugging is known to be part of the Korean skincare routine, but it has reached the whole world because it helps the skin to look better overnight.


What is the benefit of slugging? The main benefit of slugging is to improve the skin barrier function and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. It also provides your skin with the needed moisturization which gives you healthier skin.


How to add slugging to your skincare routine? What makes slugging special is that you can easily add it to any skincare routine. Here are the steps to get it right!


Step 1: Cleanse and tone

Remove your makeup, cleanse your skin and gently pat your skin dry, We’d recommend opting for a gentle cleanser that won’t further dry out your skin. If you’re using a toner, feel free to apply that at this point. Again, just make sure you’re using something that won’t dry out your skin — stay away from any options that include alcohol.


Step 2: Apply serum

If you’re attempting slugging, hydration, moisturization, and skin restoration must be your main goal. In this case, use a lightweight hyaluronic acid serum. As hyaluronic acid binds water up to 10,000 times its molecular weight and can help other products that are applied on top of the serum to be absorbed into the skin.

Step 3: Moisturize

While it’s not absolutely necessary ahead of slugging, moisturizing can be a great way to incorporate extra skincare ingredients into your routine that’ll work to maximize hydration and overall skin health. A moisturizer that includes humectants, emollients, and occlusive — three components that work in harmony to keep skin moisturized.


Slugging time

Slugging should always be the final step in your skincare routine. Once you’re finished with moisturizing, dermatologists recommend applying a thin layer of your occlusive of choice to your skin and letting the product do its work overnight. And because you’re sealing off your skin to lock in the benefits of all the skincare products in your routine, it wouldn’t make sense to apply anything on top of your slugging layer.





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