Himachal through Anthony Varghese’s eyes!

Malayalam film actor Anthony Varghese aka Pepe recently took an adventurous trip to Himachal Pradesh. He, along with his friends, created a travelogue of this beautiful journey of 10 days.

The vlog is titled Wabi sabi, which in Japanese means, to find beauty in imperfections. The two episode travelogue was released by 25 celebrities of Mollywood on their social media platforms.

Narrated by Anthony himself, the episodes are directed by Sani Yas and Safa Sani. Produced by Vaisakh C Vadakkeveed with DOP as Rahul Oz.

Wabi sabi captures the lives of people in the village of Kalga in the valleys. The first episode ends when they set out to go to Manali from Kalga. The second episode will cover the group’s continuing journey through the hills of Manali.

The travelogue shows tremendous promise with the filmography and aesthetic and depicts exactly what is so admirable about the spots visited!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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