How to deal with acne?

We are not going to talk about the Do’s, but we will highlight the Don’ts


Type “acne” on google and billions of results will appear with an attractive title such as “get rid of acne in 10 minutes” or “the right solution to make acne disappear forever” or “it’s not magic, this cream will help you get a crystal-clear skin”. Well, we are really not into these steps right now, because, mmm, nothing got us a crystal-clear skin! If you suffer from acne, all you need to do is book an appointment at the nearest dermatologist and get your skin checked! But, what about the don’ts? What we should not do? Here are the things to avoid to not make the matters worse.


Don’t squeeze your pimples!

It might be satisfying, but the result will be in a form of a scar that will make you regret the whole “let me squeeze this pimple” idea! Doing that will make your skin take a longer time in healing, in addition, to raising the risk of infection.


Don’t apply toothpaste!

It’s a trend to watch and completely forget about. Save the toothpaste for your teeth, and spare your skin from the damage of applying toothpaste on it. the fluoride and whitening ingredients could cause an allergic reaction when applied to the skin.


Don’t Use Crushed Aspirin

We recommend not to follow any home DIY when it comes to acne treatment. And using crushed aspirin is one of the main reasons to look at these remedies as a “the joke of the day” kind of thing. Why? Aspirin paste will irritate your skin and will make the process of healing your acne longer and more difficult.

Don’t camouflage with accessories


If your pimples are only on your forehead, you might be tempted to hide them under a tight-fitting cap or headband. Although that’s fine for a quick event, you may pay a price for long-term camouflage. The heat and friction could make your acne worse.





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