Jojoba Oil : Much needed magic ingredient for your skincare!

If you think that there is something missing in your skincare routine and even after doing everything right, you don’t see any results, jojoba oil is for you. It is closest to the sebum that skin produces for the protection and healing of skin from harsh external elements. It is extracted from jojoba plant and at times skin can’t produce enough sebum, jojoba oil can be of much help. Here’s how it can help you:

Retains moisture

Jojoba oil helps in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent the build up of the bacteria that causes blackheads and acne breakouts. Unlike most of the products, it doesn’t block the pores and keeps skin healthy!

Protection from harmful UV rays

Jojoba oil is the best natural sunscreen that you will ever find, it makes up for the perfect alternative for your harsh sunscreens and protects your skin from UV rays which can certainly affect our skin.

Make up remover

Besides the all the advantages of this versatile ingredient, it also acts as a natural makeup remover which you definitely need after you have put all the chemicals on your skin.

Lip moisturizer

Lips need more care than skin does because they are way more sensitive and soft. Jojoba oil helps your lips with all the delicacy that they need and ensures soft lips.

Reduces wrinkles

Jojoba oil acts as a very effective anti ageing oil and the vitamins present in it helps reducing wrinkles in a very less time. As this is a completely natural ingredient you can use it in your regular skincare routine.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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