“Keep Going ; has been my Life Mantra ,” says Hrithik Roshan who turns 47 today!

You epitomize the tagline of the HRX brand; Keep Going; How do you take that to your life, to your films, to your work and to yourself?

Keep going, for me is just not a tagline. It has been my life mantra for as long as I can remember. It is the simple mindset that allows you to live life on your own terms. Irrespective of success or failure, you keep going about with what you like, how you like it. While at it, have fun and make the most of your journey. Because it is your life. You only get one chance at it.

How has fitness helped you during the lockdown? 

The lockdown gave me the opportunity to connect with fitness as a means to self-care. Usually, I would follow a regime with a goal to transition into aesthetics of a certain character I would be playing as an actor. So, the routine would help me understand the mind and body of my onscreen persona. The last few months however has been all about me as a person. I’ve worked on overcoming my limitations in terms of body and mind. So, I adopted a wholesome fitness routine that allowed me to be the best version of myself. It wasn’t rigorous, in fact it was a lot of fun as I worked out with my children. If anything, the lockdown has reiterated my belief that fitness is a state of mind. So, it has been a healthy lockdown for me.

What does a dedication to fitness do to the general sense of gloom the world is facing?

Like I said, I see fitness as the health of mind over matter. With the uncertainty, chaos and noise that has cast itself on our world, a healthy lifestyle empowers me to stay calm. A lot of exercises involve focus, balance and activating certain parts of our body. I feel these are the key factors to live a peaceful life. The added beauty of neuroscience also proves that physical activity releases generous quantities of endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood. So, the answer to finding peace and happiness is within you, literally.

What do you recommend to people who have taken it easy during this period but want to start getting active again?

I am no lifestyle expert, but I would want to add that, as a human being, it is ok to rest and reset. I understand that the busy routines and chasing deadlines are a staple of lives, irrespective of age and geography. So, if you have allowed your body and mind to rejuvenate, it isn’t a lost opportunity. What is important is to bounce back stronger. Let your down time, enable you to touch new heights at work and personal life. More importantly, reboot into an updated version of yourself.

 How have you managed your diet while indoors?  Has it been tougher during this time?

I wouldn’t say it was difficult. It was in fact a much-needed detox, with home cooked food and not following a particular nutritional diet. It was traditional Indian living for me that was wholesome and tasty, eating alongside my family.

How have you ensured that your children understand the importance of fitness early on and what do you encourage them to do?

I do not ensure my children understand any specific thought process. What I do is, present them with credible facts and data. It is up to them to make their decisions by weighing pros and cons. Adapt to what they feel is suitable and prevent themselves from the unwanted. But something that I do ensure as a parent is that they treasure their health. So, I would emphasize on nutritious meals. Playing and leisure is all the physical activity they need to develop at this age, and my boys do so inherently.

With digital conversations happening the world over, how do you see people dedicate a few hours to exercise and fitness – is it a challenge today?

I believe the world is evolving, with a more internal progression. For those who realize the dimensions of fitness, it shouldn’t be a challenge. Physical activity is the least expensive medium of self-care. You can simply avoid the lift and climb a few flights of stairs. Breathing exercises and mindfulness help manage anxiety while on the go. You don’t necessarily need to make time, you just have to make the most of time at hand by being mindful and agile.

Do you recommend a separate diet for people at home during the lockdown? What would it be?

The traditional Indian ‘ghar ka khana’. It is a perfect mix of all nutrients that enable us to keep going.


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