List of products that will protect your skin and hair!

self-care must always be a priority! 

Rituals Cosmetics invites you to join us on our path to sustainable well-being. With the Clean & Conscious campaign, Rituals highlights its >90% natural-origin Body, Skincare and new Shampoo & Conditioner collections. We want to help you to feel good about the choices you make for your personal care routines – taking care of your skin and the planet too. With responsibly sourced natural-origin ingredients, we honour the beauty of your body as well as our environment, for the conscious and soulful you.

The Ritual of Namaste is a Clean & Conscious skin and body care range that shows respect for nature and respect for the skin. Uniquely developed to care for and protect your skin, The Ritual of Namaste is powered by high-performing natural-origin ingredients like AHA and Bakuchiol – nature’s alternative to retinol. We believe it’s important to treasure the planet we live on and consciously choose resources that honour the balance in nature as well as your natural beauty. Pay true attention to each step of a carefully chosen skin and body routine with >95% natural-origin formulations that will help boost radiance, restore, revitalize, and regenerate your complexion.

The Ritual of Namaste Skin and Body range offers refills for body creams, day and night creams, and we’re continuously in the process of improving our refill systems and developing refills for other product ranges. By choosing one of our refills instead of purchasing a brand-new product, you are joining us in reducing our carbon footprint, which in turn means fewer landfills and more care for our planet. For example, by buying a refill for the day cream you save up to 74% CO2, 69% energy and 75% water. Thanks to our customers buying our eco-friendly refill assortment, we significantly save on water, waste, energy, and CO2 used. In 2020 alone, we saved 272,682 kg in materials, 1,806 households’ worth of energy, 1,411 long-haul flights’ worth of CO2, and 8.5M litres of water. The message is clear: fewer materials, less waste, better for the planet.

New Shampoos & Conditioners*

 Introducing our vegan friendly all-new shampoo and conditioner formulations, enriched with a selection of efficacious natural-origin ingredients, to ensure your hair looks its best every day. Boost nutrition and improve your hair quality, whether your hair needs volume, gloss, colour protection or scalp therapy, with over 90% naturally derived shampoos & conditioners.

Infused with wheat protein and chia seed for protection and a volume boost – without build-up or extra weight – and rice extract and macadamia seed oil to help restore your hair’s moisture balance and strengthen it.

Gloss & Nutrition

Enriched with a multifruit complex to help smooth out the hair and coconut oil to create a multi-dimensional shine. The added rice extract and macadamia seed oil will help restore your hair’s moisture balance and strengthen it.

Scalp Therapy & Nutrition

The combination of caffeine and red ginseng rebalances the scalp, helps create thicker hair, prolongs your hair’s growth cycle, and stimulates hair growth. Rice extract and macadamia seed oil protects, rebalances, and repairs the hair by giving it extra moisture


Color Protection & Nutrition

The combination of sunflower seed extract and vitamin E protects the hair from UV damage, prolongs the color of your hair and gives it more shine. Rice extract and macadamia seed oil protects, strengthen, and repairs the hair by giving it extra moisture. Leaves hair vibrant and nourished with an intense shine.

Next to these new formulations, the luxurious shampoo and conditioner bottles are made of 100% mono-material, making the bottles better recyclable. The aluminium cap of the bottle has been replaced for hot foil, in order to minimalize the CO2 footprint.

Hands & Lips 

From natural lip care, carefully formulated to care for your lips by nourishing them and enhancing their appearance, to 95% natural relief for hardworking hands.* Rituals offers you luxurious hand & lip care in your favourite scents and colours.

*All lip care is 100% natural, except the Fortune Balm – SPF 30.



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