Louis Vuitton signs THIS BTS member as its newest brand ambassador

To be fair, j-hope did drop hints

Die-hard j-hope fans who have been attuned to every move the singer-songwriter makes, would’ve been the first ones to know that an international collaboration was in the offing. The South Korean boyband member has been friendly with Louis Vuitton; he’s visited the LV Dream exhibition in Paris, attended its menswear show in January, and held up flowers with the LV logo in a birthday post last week.


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French luxury giant Louis Vuitton had come together with BTS in 2021-2022; Moving forward, it continues to retain its relationship with band member Jung Ho-seok a.k.a. j-hope in 2023-2024.


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In an official statement, Louis Vuitton expressed its reasons saying, “j-hope rose to international stardom as a member of 21st century pop icons BTS. The best-selling South Korean artists of all time–and undoubtedly one of the most renowned music groups in the world–BTS have broken numerous Billboard records and have been listed in Times Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year. His momentum as a solo artist has also continued to build. He is beloved by fans across the world for his upbeat energy, precise choreography, and creative musical direction.”

It is interesting to note that BTS members are now individual ambassadors for top fashion houses; Jimin for Dior and SUGA for Valentino.



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