Makeup faux pas to avoid

We all seek the perfect makeup look. Smooth, on point, and perfectly applied. In the process of getting there, we make mistakes! Read more to know the most common faux pas you can easily avoid.


Not setting the base right  

Applying foundation directly without cleaning the skin or moisturizing it, without sunscreen, or premier will make the final result looks dull.


Foundation on dry skin

If your skin is dry, it’s better to avoid applying foundation till your skin is well moisturized. Applying foundation on dry skin will make your skin looks dull, tired, and cracked.


Wrong blending technique

Whether it is eyeshadow, foundation, or blush blending, learning the technique correctly, will help you to get a smooth and flawless look.


Using Eyebrow pencil all over the eyebrow  

Using eyebrow pencils all over the eyebrow will make it difficult to blend. The result will look unnatural in shape and color and what is more, it might not match your hair color as well.


Not moisturizing your lips before applying lipstick


Applying lipstick directly on naked lips will affect the final look of the lipstick. Especially, if the lips are dry. No one wants cracked-colored lips!





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