Masaba’s label House of Masaba turns 12; Here’s what she has to say

Masaba is over the moon today. After all, her brainchild, her label, House Of Masaba, turns 12-years-old today. She took to her Instagram page to post a few pictures of some of her biggest achievements over the past 12 years and also posted a long message talking about how the journey has been.

Masaba wrote, “My label @houseofmasaba turns 12 today. The first image is from my debut show as a 19year old. 12 years of smiles,joy,fear,failure,success,wanting to quit & wanting to never give up. All In the same breath. I wish I had 12 lessons to share with you about creating a brand and all that comes with it. I don’t. But I do have one and it works for the good days & the bad days! – ‘Be disciplined about what you do and how you do it’. I don’t think I’m half as talented as many of my contemporaries out there,but I make up for what I lack in talent,with hard work.’ Your discipline and your hard work is your ammunition,use it well. And wish me a happy fucking birthday for ALL the stress induced acne this brand has given me. 😁❤️ #masaba #houseofmasaba (sic).”

Check out the post here:

Masaba went on to also give some tips to young entrepreneurs and fashion designers and asked them to be disciplined about what they do and how they do it. She stressed upon how discipline and hard work are every person’s ammunition, and they should use it well.

Here’s wishing Masaba a happy anniversary and giving her well-deserved applause for the 12-years of hard work and toil put into making her brand, House Of Masaba, one of the topmost labels in India.


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