Milkshake lovers? Check this out!

It’s never a bad time for a milkshake! 🍭

If you are a milkshake lover and looking for places to discover new flavors, then search no more, we have you covered

Dubai offers a huge variety of milkshakes with unimaginable flavors… Heard of the ones topped with some golden flakes, or then some with charcoal! Keep reading to know where you can head for your next milkshake!


The Grill Shack

Visiting the Grill Shack, and not trying their milkshake, might be considered a sin! Their Chocolate Cookie Milkshake is made with the yummiest cookies and a touch of love!

Chocolate Cookie Milkshakes At The Grilll Shack - Go Places ™ Digital


Having lunch at the Catch22 is fun, and trying their Do-nut Disturb milkshake is a whole different experience itself. A fresh strawberry milkshake with chocolate donuts, candy floss, and lollipop, topped with caramel and chocolate sauce.


Sharing is caring, and that’s exactly what Mr. and Mrs. C milkshake represents with its two cute straws. With a Nutella frosted rim covered in cookie crumbs, and topped with an ice cream sandwich, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and sprinkles, it will take you on a quick trip to Disney Land!

These milkshakes at SAUCE will bring your kids to the yard


Black Tap

The Old-School Drive-in milkshake looks like a cartoon movie with all the colors and flavors added in one cup! A bubble-gum flavor with rainbow-colored popcorn and sprinkles. If there is an award for the Craziest Milkshake, this drink will win the title. No doubts.

We try out Black Tap's new menu of old-school dishes










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