Nourishing your gut for better Skin

Maybe you’ve tried everything from serums, lotions, funky smelling creams, and religiously stuck by the ten-step skin routine but haven’t quite achieved that glow you want. What you might have not tried is taking care of your gut!

Yes, beautiful skin is an inside job, and here’s how to begin working on it.

Make sleep a priority

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The days may have blurred together, but ensuring that you sleep well allows for your gut to undergo repair and rejuvenation.

Eat probiotic foods

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Your gut is home to trillions of healthy bacteria, and consuming food like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut that contain beneficial bacteria helps improve skin ad remove harmful bacteria.

Reduce your alcohol intake

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Say goodbye to ice water

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Drinking cold beverages weakens your digestive fire, slowing down your ability to properly digest food. Instead switch to drinking lukewarm to warm beverages.

Eat seasonally and locally

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Eating foods that are in season helps keep your gut microbes diverse and thriving. Which results in better in a better immune system and glowing radiant skin year out.

Look into your medications, antibiotics, or birth control

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All of these have ingredients that may throw of your gut bacteria creating problems like acne.

Reduce stress

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Physical and mental stress has a great impact not only on your gut but also you’re immune system allowing for bad bacteria to breed. Try soothing activities like yoga, therapy art, or even salsa if that’s what works for you!

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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