Signs that deliver the message CRYSTAL CLEAR

The makers of these signs understood the assignments!

Imagine walking in a street where all the signs are more like a meme! But, these signs definitely do the job of making the instructions clear. However, the ones who created these signs wanted people to laugh too! Check these hilarious signs…


In Los Angeles, the owner of the ice cream truck was pissed off with the social media bloggers who ask for free ice cream in return for a mention! So, he made it clear that those bloggers will be paying DOUBLE!

Los Angeles Ice Cream Truck Owner Is Tired Of Social Media Influencers Trying To Get Free Ice Cream For Mentions


A sign in front of a bunch of Venus Flytraps is so weird yet makes sense! The “If you are a fly, please ignore this message” got us ROFL!

This Sign In Front Of A Bunch Of Venus Flytrap


This sign was by Arby’s restaurant in America after a car drove through. They had to make sure that everyone understands that the parking is outside the restaurant, not next to your booked table.

A Few Days Ago A Car Drove Through An Arby's. This Was Their Sign Today


For those who have pets, this sign is for you! A local vet decided to encourage all the pet owners to vaccinate their pets by giving Dinosaurs as an example of not being vaccinated! Smart!

This Sign At A Local Vet


We think that the owner of this hotel is pissed off and decided to say it as it is! Well, I think those who have this symptom won’t come close to the swimming pool after reading this sign!

I’ve Never Seen A Hotel Pool Sign So Blunt Before


At the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, the sign said what anyone would say when they see the view. “OOH AAH” view indeed!

Great View With A Fitting Name At The Grand Canyon


You might fall down laughing but not because of the wet floor. What’s with the hands! This sign says “if you will fall, fall spectacularly”

This Sign Cracks Me Up


This sign takes all the support. A coffee shop explained yawning in their own creative way. If you yawn, it’s your silent scream for coffee.

The Sign Outside My Local Coffee Shop


The one who made this sign was really worried about his chicken. It’s clear that he wants his chickens to quit smoking, but neighbors are not really helping!

Wonder What The Story Behind This Is



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