Taha Shah and Soni Razdan talk of their music video ‘Ae Savere’, shot in Kashmir

Released under the banner of Zee Music Company the Music Video is produced by Renzu Films and directed by Danish Renzu. It brings the voices of the legendary Shankar Mahadevan and the soulful Archana Kamath Hegdekar who has also composed the music. The lyrics in Hindi and Kashmiri are written by Sunayana Kachroo.
Set in the stunning locales of Kashmir, Ae Savere takes you through a beautiful journey of how a mother and her son come back to Kashmir to bid final adieu to their husband and father respectively. The sheer chemistry and truly natural bonding required for the story is beautifully portrayed by both the Actors. Taha essays the role of Soni Razdan’s son in the video.
According to Taha Shah Badussha, “The experience of shooting in Kashmir was absolutely incredible . Ae Savere is a very emotional track. It talks about a mother and son coming  home after a very long time. I could see my mom in Soni Razdan ji and that’s how I got so much closer to her. She is truly a warm and inspiring person and actor.”
“Shankar Mahadevan and Archana Kamath Hegdekar made this song epic with their soulful voice bringing to life the timeless lyrics penned by Sunayana Kachroo . It was a surreal experience altogether and hope the listeners and viewers will enjoy as much we did. This is what Soni Razdan had to say about her experience.
Do  you have any special memories related to Kashmir ?
It was an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Not for any personal reason as such. But the story of the song is so poignant that it somehow brought out all kinds of feelings from deep within me. To explain how I personally relate to what it means to lose ones house is to go way back in time into my family history way before I was even born. My mother is German. When the Nazi’s were in power my family had to flee Germany. They left everything behind including their house. Not because they were Jewish. But because they were Germans against Hitler. So you see … you don’t have to be a Kashmiri to relate to loss of this nature. The world is a place that is filled with the stories of personal loss. My personal memories of Kashmir however are only happy ones.
You play the on screen mother to Taha Shah. How was it working with him?
Taha and I got on like a house on fire. He’s a wonderful young man, very sweet and it was lovely working with him those two days. I kept thinking … if I’d had a son I would have loved him to be like this boy. We had a blast if you can call it that .. after all we were shooting a very emotionally loaded video so it wasn’t all light and merry. But in spite of that we had fun shooting together.
Ae Savere
Stars : Taha Shah Badussha and Soni Razdan
Label: Zee Music Company
Producer: Renzu Films
Director: Danish Renzu (known for Hollywood film “The Illegal” Starring Suraj Sharma)
Music Composer: Archana Kamath Hegdekar.
Lyricist: Sunayana Kachroo
Singers: Archana Kamath Hegdekar and Shankar Mahadevan.


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