This 2023, say hello to Pavit Gujral’s bold, inspired and opulent designs!

Located at one of Dubai’s most art-savvy areas, the Dubai Design District, Pavit Gujral is making heads turn, fingers double tap and breaking the so-called rules of the jewellery design industry with her meaningful and breath-taking jewellery pieces. Her jewellery features pieces that are inspired by a person, moment or element that the young designer has had the pleasure of experiencing in her life adventures. For some pieces, Pavit has gone beyond and dived for inspiration, or travelled far and wide. That’s the hidden pièce de résistance: Pavit Gujral’s designs make you feel what she felt, experience what she experienced while the muse behind a piece made itself known to her.

Talking about her jewellery and the muses behind her gorgeous collections, she says, “Life is too short to wear boring jewellery!” Living by this vision, Pavit has masterfully given life to 5 stunning collections, each one having its own muse, its own story.

The Marine Collection:

Pavit’s Marine collection is a series of pieces that are sure-shot conversation starters! This collection is inspired by her scuba diving adventures and as the famous ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, who once said, “The sea, once it casts its spell, it holds one in its net of wonder forever!” – Jacques Cousteau. Some of the pieces in the collection showcase the finer nuances of sea life. The octopus ring, for instance, flaunts the unique Chocolate Opal – a dark brown stunning stone that takes your breath away along with the 9.68cts round brilliant diamonds that are set in a way that mimics the camouflaging eight-legged creature, after which it is named.

The Sylvan Collection:

The word Sylvan refers to “located in the woods or forest” and true to its name, this collection features animals, flowers, and scenes from nature that can only be found by an adventurous soul – a trait that Pavit is well known for! The aptly named collection derives its inspiration from a quote that is as mysterious as the mysteries of nature, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” A perfect representation of this collection are the Langur earrings, set in 18K Gold with two 77.60cts Pear brilliant Morganite Beryl’s, with the playful animal in a pose that truly encapsulates its evasive nature.


The Voyage Collection: 

It is only fitting for Pavit to have a collection dedicated to adventures and voyages, as the head designer attributes her travels to be the key aspect that allows her to think out of the box, and let her vision breathe. As the renowned explorer Ibn Battuta once said “Travelling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” Pavit turns her experiences into forms of wearable stories. From the sunny, welcoming Tuscan sun reflected in ‘The Tuscany Earrings’, set in 18K white and rose Gold with 38.69cts Bi-Colored Tourmaline, to the refreshing and torrential rains of Mumbai depicted in ‘The Mumbai Rain Collection’ which has been set in 18K Gold with 30.76cts round brilliant Diamonds, 4.87cts marquise Diamonds and 37.03cts beautiful blue Turquoise.

The Memoir Collection:

“Memories are simply moments that refuse to be ordinary.” – Diane Keaton.
And taking a page out of the book of memories, is the Memoir collection. This collection not only shows Pavit’s story-telling prowess, but also is a perfect display of her unafraid nature to match ancestral gems with quirky stones. The Memoir collection is a collection that brings emotion to jewellery, and highlights the personal touch that is unique to Pavit’s brand. Case in point – The Award-Winning Black Forest Collection! Talking about the collection, Pavit says “This collection is very special to me as the star of the flower – Black Star Diopside belonged to my grandmother and because she loved black forest cake, what could have been better than making a Black Forest Collection with her stones! The Gold has been plated with black rhodium to give it a Victorian look and the round Rhodolite cabochons are the cherries on the cake! The diamonds have specially been micro-pavé set to give the piece more brilliance.”


La Fleur Collection:

The latest collection by Pavit is the La fleur collection, which speaks volumes about how nature is perfect in its imperfectness. The collection is inspired by the famous quote by Xan Oku – “May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary.”  Just as the quote makes people stop and think, this collection too achieves this with the stellar imitation of natural flowers; carved in unique stones and set in the most delicate fashion. The iconic Bellflower Earrings are a part of  the ‘La Fleur’ Collection and are inspired from the Campanula flowers, commonly known as bellflowers, with a unique shape that is similar to a bell. The flower in nature has hues of blue, which is captured in this piece with three different and stunningly unique stones –  Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Turquoise carved in the shape of flowers and bells.

Book an appointment with Pavit at her studio located at B202 Building 4, Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE. For more information, please visit and follow the brand on Instagram @pavitgujraldesigns for the latest updates. 















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