This season, have a mango blast!

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, it’s Mango season. If, like us, even you can’t get enough of Mangoes; Here are some quick and easy recipes to make from Mango!

Mango Halwa
Starting off with our favourite dessert, Halwa. Prepare this like your regular Halwa and just add a little Mango pulp to it and you’re ready to go!


Mango Milkshake
This is easily made with less than five ingredients! Just blend some Mangoes, milk and vanilla ice cream and sugar to taste. After it’s done, add some small chunks of Mango if you like it pulpy.


Avocado Mango toast
In for a little healthy breakfast with a twist? This recipe is for you. Make your avocado toast the way you like and spice it up with Mango slices and season it with a little oil and chili powder!


Mango Mousse
Made with less than five ingredients. Ripe Mangoes (chopped), some fresh cream and sugar or honey to taste. Mix blended and sweetened Mango paste to whisked fresh cream and set it in the refrigerator for 7—8 hours and you’re good to go!


Mango Iced Tea
This is the perfect way to, as they say, beat the heat. Blend chopped Mango with water and sugar. Cook it over medium heat for 60-75 seconds to make is syrupy. Mix the syrup in a freshly brewed strong black or green tea and serve!


These are some of our favourite picks let us know what your favourite Mango recipes are!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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