Tips on getting back to online work smoothly

Here are some tips to help you transition from work at office to work from home

Not long ago we all struggled to get used to working from home and before we knew it, we were back to working from the office. The New Year rang in but it meant work from home again for quite a few employees all over the country. The transition back to it sure is a struggle. So here are some tips that you have probably already tried the first time you worked from home. But this time we’re here to help remind you how you did that and to get you back to working from home smoothly.


Wake up on time

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Working from home brings out the sloth in all of us. We tend to do everything slower, wake up late and get dressed right before the meeting.

Our first tip is to wake up on time. You can maybe wake up 15-20 minutes later than you did while you went to work, to get in that extra sleep. But if you always woke up just in time to rush through everything, then now is your time. Set that alarm, wake up on time and see how refreshed and active you will be.


Get Dressed

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It might seem like a simple tip but it is the most helpful one. By getting dressed as soon as you wake up, just as you did while going to work, you can attend calls without worrying about not being ready for it. You do not want to be caught sitting in your pajama bottoms.

Getting dressed will also make you look forward to the day and boost your confidence.


Eat a good meal

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One of the most important tips whether you’re working from home or going to work. Eat a good and healthy breakfast. The perk of working from home means more time to eat your breakfast rather than rushing through it like you usually do.

Eat that delicious breakfast, hydrate yourself with a pulpy drink and water. One tends to work better on a full stomach rather than an empty stomach.


Sleep well

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Give yourself some buffer time. The earlier you wake up the more time to get your body and mind ready for the day.

This can happen only if one can get a good amount of sleep. Lack of sleep makes you lazier, grumpier and more tired and restless the next day, and the next, making it a vicious cycle.


Contributed by Nishitha Rachel.


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