Virtual Partying: Social distancing isn’t the end of socializing

Not to miss out on their socializing, party animals aren’t letting the lockdown dampen their moods to catch up with friends and letting their hair down! What’s more, they are doing it safely well within the confines of their homes and maintaining social distance. How? The answer is by partying virtually! With less effort to prep up, these virtual parties are more instant and casual and are already becoming quite a hit among the social butterflies.

From celebrating success like the cast of Money Heist and Bulbbul did to just enjoying get-togethers with families or friends, virtual parties are a great and safe way to bond and have fun even while in lockdown!

And if you want to be the perfect host for your virtual party, here’s how you can be one:

  1. Send the Link: Invitation cards are history, sending invitation links is the new cool. If you want to go the extra mile, beautifully editing the link and password may be a good idea. Make sure to name your event, mention the purpose of the get-together, and do not forget to appoint a time.

  1. Potluck meals: It is not quite possible to share meals across the screen, but virtually sharing dinner has its charm. Cook or bake your favorite meals, pour your best wine, and enjoy each other’s company while you eat.

  1. Games: There’s a wide range of games that you can play virtually with each other. Never Have I ever, Dumb Charades, Truth or Dare, Would you Rather, to name a few. Some applications also provide in-built games for those who cannot think up any.

  1. Get Creative: There is no limit to possibilities on the internet. You can share your screens, grab some popcorn, and watch a movie together. Dance your heart out to shared music or dance to different songs at the same time. Have your own Slam Poetry events or Comedy nights. Or if singing is your forte, get together and make an acapella.

If you have not thrown a virtual party already, do it now. A little fun never hurt anyone.


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