WEEKEND DINING: Head to Antique Bazaar for the most delectable desi cuisine!

The Traditional Indian restaurant ‘Antique Bazaar’ welcomes diners at a new location in Dubai

Antique Bazaar, one of the most celebrated Indian restaurants, officially opened to the public at its new location in Carlton Downtown Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. With its rich history rooted in authenticity, Antique Bazaar is poised to captivate Dubai’s culinary space yet again, amidst a bustling business hub and iconic attractions like the Museum of the Future, Financial Center, and Dubai Mall. The restaurant’s move to a new location signifies its continued commitment to advancing Dubai’s standing as a culinary hub that values foreign cultures and welcomes individuals of all ethnicities.

Antique Bazaar offers an immersive experience that captures the spirit of India in every aspect, ranging from the decor to the regally chosen furniture and the exquisite menu that is complemented by Bollywood music and soulful ghazals. The restaurant also features a historical portrayal of Mumtaz Mahal, the empress of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, under whose name the celebrated monument of Taj Mahal was built.

Embodying the spirit of Indian heritage, Antique Bazaar has been a cultural beacon in Dubai since its founding in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The current menu, which is reflective of the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence, includes a diverse selection of time-honored Indian dishes that have consistently delighted customers over the years.

These traditional restaurants highlight the value of regional cuisine and actively draw visitors, especially with Dubai being home to a large population of Indian expats who are history and culture enthusiasts, as well as avid foodies.

Hosni Abdelhadi, CEO of Carlton Hotels and Suites says, “We are elated to welcome Dubai’s foodies and families to our new location in Sheikh Zayed Road. We take great pride in serving the diverse residents and visitors of Dubai, as well as those from all over the UAE, with a culinary experience that reflects India’s rich traditions. Our prime location in the heart of Dubai’s busy and vibrant streets further sets us apart and inspires us to celebrate the city’s rich culture with guests from all walks of life. With this endeavour, we hope to strengthen Dubai’s standing as a global culinary leader and provide exceptional services that ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.”

Antique Bazaar’s new location on Sheikh Zayed Road puts the restaurant at the crossroads of old and new Dubai, welcoming guests from all walks of life and promising a distinctive dining experience for everyone.


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