Who is Expo 2020 biggest fan? Meet The man who collected more then 190 stamps!

The man who visited the whole world in one place!


Most of us have visited Expo 2020 many times, but how many pavilions have we discovered? This matter can’t be even discussed when we have Aazam Tahir Gandhi, the Indian man who collected more than 20 passports and visited more than 180 pavillions!

The organizers at Expo 2020 tweeted this picture with a “No 1 Expo fan” caption. Gandhi has visited Expo repeatedly and collected more than 20 passports and discovered more than 180 pavilions.

In an interview, Aazem speaks about his happiness and how much excited he gets every time someone approaches him for a photo. He also gets asked if the blazer that he is wearing is heavy because of the many pins, but he answers them “Your smile makes it lighter”. Aazem adds that he gets invitations from different pavillions to their events.


When you ask Aazem what makes him visit Expo 2020 repeatedly, he will say with no hesitation “Knowledge and information”. He sees the future in Expo 2020. Aazem adds that Expo 2020 helped him to discover places that he didn’t know that they even exist. He ends saying that Expo 2020 gave him the opportunity to taste different cosines under one sky.




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