3 Must-Try healthy breakfast ideas!

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day and it provides you with your first nutritional intake of the day.

Use these healthy and tasty breakfast ideas to bless your taste buds as well as provide nutrition to your body at the same time.

1.Strawberries and yogurt

Strawberries are an ideal breakfast fruit that is extremely beneficial for you as it ,increases good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, is fat-free and has many more such advantages. Pair this up with some yogurt to make it your ideal breakfast meal. You can switch out your yogurts to a more fat-free and sugar free option to lean more towards the healthy side.

2. Oatmeal pancakes

Another fun twist to your breakfast meals can be switching out your regular pancakes for a more ideal and healthier option. Consumption of oatmeal on a regular base helps lower cholesterol levels present in your body and reduces risk towards heart diseases. They are extremely useful in enhancing the immune system and making it sharper to respond to infections of any kind. Therefore include this healthy option in a pancake form to your breakfast list.

3. Avocado toast

If your a busy person ,but still extremely health conscious this idea can work best for you and your hectic days. Avocado toast are not only extremely beneficial for you and keep you full and energetic throughout the day. Avocados are induced with healthy fats and fibre along with vitamin A, C and also consist of heart-healthy saturated fats.
Add a healthy twist to your breakfast meals using these ideas.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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