5 Tips for self care!

In today’s day and date, when everything around us is in a frenzy, taking some time out for yourself and to relax your mind as well as body is very important. Here are some tips on best ways for self care!

— Eat healthy
We often don’t pay attention to what we’re eating if it’s quick and filling. But, ready-to-make products can be harmful if consumed excessively. Take some time out of your day to eat at least 1 home cooked meal.

— Maintain a Journal
As cliche as it might sound, journals come in very handy when you’re emotionally overwhelmed and need an out. Writing down what you’re feeling or even just a do-to list for the day gives you the energy to keep going.

— Take a break
It might be difficult to get one, what with the world starting to turn again after being at a standstill for nearly a year. But, one day of break doesn’t hurt. Get yourself a spa booking, read your favourite book with some wine while having a bubble bath.

— Quality time
Spend quality time with your loved ones. Every once in a while, maybe watch your favourite movies together or play a board game. This makes you realise that you’re not alone and that the people you love have got your back!

— Let go
Learn to let go of the toxicity. People, habits, vibes, whatever doesn’t add to your wellbeing has no place in your life. It’s not selfish to cut ties with the ones that bring you toxicity!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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