Alia Bhatt’s podcast aims to spread awareness about Covid 19 vaccinations

Alia Bhatt has been doing her bit through social media. Alia announced a podcast series in order to amplify awareness regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. Titled The Intersection: Vaccinate India, the 5-episode series is collaboration between Alia’s production house Eternal Sunshine Productions and podcast network Audiomatic.


Alia Bhatt shared the video on Twitter, where she spoke about podcast series of five episodes. In the series, Alia will sit down with doctors to bust myths and rumors regarding the vaccine.

In the video, Alia said, “In the fight against Covid-19, science is our greatest ally. Science gave us vaccines and vaccines give us hope. Thanks to vaccines, we now have a way of ending this pandemic and rebuilding our lives. But even though the vaccine is here and waiting, some of us are still hesitant. A great deal of this hesitancy is linked to misinformation, myths, and rumors that are exchanged on social media and other messaging platforms.

Admitting that getting the Covid-19 vaccine is a personal choice, the actress said that this is the reason she has partnered with Audiomatic so that “together we can learn about the vaccine from reliable sources and make the most informed decision about getting vaccinated.” She added “Throughout this five-episode series, we will be speaking with renowned doctors and global health activists who will be sharing data and facts around the vaccine. The first episode will be released tomorrow and will be available in a podcast and video format. I hope this series will help address some of your concerns around the vaccine and I hope you will be able to share this with your family and friends as well. Remember we can fight this together. Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and I’ll see you tomorrow.”


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