Dubai Skyline gets a new viewpoint!

Capturing sunsets, evening walks and gawking skylines is a form of getaway for many of us. In spite of numerous places around Dubai to do so, we are always in search of something new. A place we haven’t been before and to experience the unknown. 

Al Jadaf Walk is the brand new addition to this list. Have you checked out this hot spot yet?

Appalling skyline views on one side and overlooking the Ras Al Khor bird sanctuary on the other. This place is ideal for biking, jogging or even a stroll. It has also become a photographers favourite spot for photo walks and a picnic location during winters.

Another sight you get to witness here is that of fishing. You see a set of crowd who very enthusiastically coddle themselves in this process. It’s a treat to watch people doing what they love and enjoy. Laid back and relaxed vibe is written all over this place.

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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