End the month with these 5 new releases on OTT platforms

So much to watch, so little time!

Pathan reaches OTT this week, but are you even a true SRK fan if you haven’t watched it already? We’re assuming you did, so here’s a nice little list of other new shows, series and films that you can watch as the month comes to a close.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga


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What starts out as a desperate one-off robbery on a flight takes a grim turn as the flight is unexpectedly hijacked. Yami Gautam plays the stewardess, and Vicky Kaushal is the mastermind of the aforementioned robbery. What happens to the diamonds in the face of the hijack? You’ll have to watch this gripping film to know.

Riverdale (Season 7)


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The final season of Riverdale goes back into the 1950s… No points for guessing that it’s Jughead’s doing! But Archie and the gang are oblivious of the fact that they’re transported, and it remains to be seen whether they’re stuck there forever, or do they find they way back to the present.

Murder Mystery 2


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We’ll be honest, more than anything, we’re excited to see Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler dressed in Indian wedding finery. The mystery premise for this struggling detective couple is a kidnapping of their friend from his own wedding. Sounds a bit standard until you find out that the friend is an Indian maharaja, taking things to an international level.



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An unusual cast comes together for this psychological thriller cum murder mystery. Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangda Singh and Vikrant Massey come together to discover the patriarch of the house missing. but in a bid to discover the truth, is Khan’s character imagining things? We’re excited to find out; what about you?

Love Is Blind (Season 4)


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The singles are at it again! We’re going to classify this under cringe-watching, but you absolutely cannot miss the drama that this dating show brings with itself. Contestants indulge in blind-dating, where they can only talk to each other without seeing, and must go ahead on the path of getting engaged and standing at the altar. This is a must-watch is you’re a drama-lover.


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