EXCLUSIVE: “Narappa is the most challenging film of my career,” says Venkatesh about his upcoming action thriller

Venkatesh’s much-awaited Narappa is going to release on July 20 on Amazon Prime Video. In an exclusive interview, the South star shares his experience of working on his upcoming action thriller  

What is your reaction about the film releasing on OTT?

There are some things not in our control. Situations are as such now. I am an actor and I am detached after doing my film. I leave the rest to the producers. I know fans will feel the pinch. They will be disappointed. But, they have been always understanding. I know they will understand.

What is the reason behind choosing to remake Asuran?

I have to congratulate Vetrimaran, Dhanush, and Thanu. Asuran is one of the classics. I have to admit I have not seen such an honest, raw, hard-hitting, emotional drama. I did not come across a film like that. I fell in love after watching it and I felt it is a challenge. We do not get such scripts very often. When I see films of these kind, I immediately grab them.

What is your experience of working for Narappa?

Narappa is the most exhausting film in my career. I never worked this hard all my career. I used to be in the character completely in terms of the look and body language. I used to be in the same costume for around 50 days even when I am in the hotel while shooting in Madurai. For some sequences, I could not come out of the character for 4-5 minutes before doing the next shot. I did so much action as well and they have come very well. After so many years, I got such a strong character.

How is it playing the role of Dhanush?

I am very happy with the response for the trailer and my role in the movie. Comparisons are imminent but at the end of the day, Venkatesh is Venkatesh and Dhanush is Dhanush. He proved to be one of the finest actors in the country. He did a fantastic job. After some time, you come out of that remake thought and only feel the emotions that you feel in the film.

How did the emotional sequences in the film come?

I will leave you in tears. You will watch that in the film.

How are the action sequences in Narappa?

I have done many action sequences in my career but nothing is more exhausting than the ones in Narappa. They used to be very intense and so exhausting. Even though they are not physically demanding, they would leave me so exhausted because I am so emotionally involved.

You almost shot for three different films at a time?

I have a nature to exit from the thing very fast, whatever I’m doing. I do lots of preparation to exit from the project or the character. I do not get so immersed. We shot Narappa at a stretch and I finished it even though I am very much involved. F3 is something in my elements and there is Drushyam 2 which I have got a gap and I finished it.

Tell us about working with director Srikanth Addala.

I have already worked with Srikanth Addala. He is a good director. He is under pressure for the film and so are all the others. My working with everybody is smooth and there are no confusions at all.

How about working with Priyamani and Mani Sharma

Priyamani is a great actress. We feel she is a good fit for the character and she did very well. Mani Sharma is always there. He is a busy music director. We have been working together for a long time. He did some terrific scores. You will get to see it in the film.

What are your next projects?

We have Drushyam 2 completed. I am shooting for F3 which is a crazy comedy. There are some scripts but I am not a person who takes one at a time. They will happen when they should happen. There are times you will be busy with multiple projects and there are times no script will be okayed and you sit idle. All these things happen. I do not think or plan anything too far.


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