Handbag trends to follow this Summer

Though clothing is what dominates our closets excessively, handbags have always played second in any outfit or look along with shoes. Neglected times have far gone, let your practical bags take a back seat and let the statement bags do all the talking this season. We have curated a list of handbag trends for you! 

— Woven Bags
This classic bag trend seems to be thriving its way up in glory. Made a re-entry last year, these bags have a vintage, boho and an organic look in them. Not to forget their unconventional shapes, which makes them a rage. This season it’s the woven bucket bags that are stealing the eye balls. 

— Chunky Chains
You might have witnessed the growing thickness of chains in handbags over the years, but there’s also been a shift from the bags they are used in. Transforming from timeless sling bags with thin chains to the chunky chains that are now seen with trending cloud bags and cassette bags. Chunky chains are here to stay!

— Net Totes
These see through crochet bags are one of the highest selling mesh bags this season. They are affordable and perfect for a cool-girl summer look and beach parties. Ideally used to store market finds, books and beach essentials.

—Curved Shoulder Bags
These bags are in spotlight not just for their curvy shape but also the explosive colors in which they are making appearances. They fit just right, not retro nor modern but still a classic. 

—Oversized Totes
Don’t these extra large totes compliment any look? Be it for work or a picnic at the beach they seem to blend in effortlessly. Most commonly seen in beige and blacks, these totes are minimal and can be your new travel best friend!

What’s your bag style this season?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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