Malone Souliers launch the Emily in Paris Collection!

Malone Souliers meets Emily in the City of Lights for a très chic collaboration, inspired by the hit show’s most memorable fashion moments 

The intoxicating adventures of Emily Cooper – an ambitious American marketing executive who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris – have become a global sensation for good reason. Romantic intrigue, sparkling wit, and, of course, the most beautiful city on Earth, are all part of the hit show’s irresistible appeal. However, that is to neglect one key ingredient: the fashion. Emily in Paris is very much a show about style, with each key character’s personality communicated through the clothes they wear. And to celebrate that Malone Souliers have created a capsule collection that embodies the spirit and stylish joie de vivre that the show is best known for.

As with the show itself, taking centre stage in the collection is Emily, a brand-new silhouette that’s set apart by a striking statement bow on the vamp. The Emily will be available in a number of iterations, from evening-ready black and white satin to whimsical pink gingham, alluding to our protagonist’s eclectic sense of fashion. Next is the romantic and sophisticated Camille, inspired by the character of the same name: Emily’s confidante and guide to all things French. Taking Camille’s elegant personal style as a starting point, the shoe is graceful and purposeful in its shape, with a large, crystallised heart motif on the toe. And then there is the Mindy, named for Emily’s closest friend and fellow outsider to Parisian culture. Drawing on Mindy’s signature glamour and love of performing, we designed this shoe as an eye-catching number, replete with organza appliqué flowers across the toe.

The show’s male characters are also highlighted with a couple of timeless men’s shoes. The Gab is a casual yet sophisticated sneaker, while the Alfie is a sharply modern take on the lace-up derby.

Mary Alice, Creative Director says, “Like everyone else, I became obsessed with Emily in Paris when it first aired in 2020. The witty humour is what first drew me in, but then I couldn’t take my eyes off the outfits. I knew it would be the perfect show for Malone Souliers to collaborate with.”



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