The Timeless Edition by HALM

Discover this special collection that mixes the beauty of the natural world and the evolution of our surroundings. 

The Inspiration for the HALM Collection 1.3 is drawn from the beauty of the natural world and the evolution of our surroundings. 1.3 depicts our fascination in the changing of colors through the life cycle of a single fruit grown on our doorstep here in Dubai, UAE; the fig.



FIG | A sweet fruit historically found in the Middle East where it was discovered in the Jordanian Valley [9200 BCE]. The Book of Deuteronomy specifies the fig as one of the ‘Seven Species’; a set of seven plants indigenous to the Middle East that together can provide food all year round.


COLOUR PALETTE | As a young fruit, the outer skin is a palette of vivid greens which evolves as it ripens into a deep mulberry purple, speckled with dashes of fuchsia pink. The sweet interior flesh, a deep marbled raspberry pink scattered with seeds in blood orange tones of saffron and turmeric, encased with a thick interior skin of a soft chalky colour; a complete, harmonising, and 100% natural colour palette found in one single fruit. “Inspired by the deep strong colours from the visually perfumed fruits and vegetables of our travels from Dubai to Italy. So rich in their appearance that one can almost taste them just by looking at them. The soft velvety texture of the Figue skin evokes visions of our soft French velvety Nubuck.”  Hanna Ransjö (Founder + Creative Director)

HALM Collection 1.3 will be launching online on the newly re-designed as well as in the Dubai Design District showroom and design studio where visitors will receive an exclusive gift with purchase on 13th and 14th November.

HALM 1.3 Silhouettes

THE CHILLUXE | Released for the 3rd season with its removable ALLT CLUTCH.

THE BABY BOXER | The mini version of the signature HALM Boxer.

THE HALM WOVEN STRAP | Introduced for the first time designed to compliment all HALM collections in the spirit of timelessness and slow fashion. Update your HALM bag with interchangeable, sporty straps and make your bag your own


A parallel and complimenting line to HALM’s core collections which features capsule releases through the year. The DNA is undeniably HALM, equal in quality and attention to detail. Each collection proudly designed and made in the UAE, the heart and home of HALM. Expect HALM, but with a flamboyant ‘je ne sais quoi’ …


THE BENTO BAGPACK | Soft, malleable, sport-luxe inspired by The Chilluxe and The Boxer. A single silhouette with interchangeable abilities, designed to be worn in 7 different ways.

THE LITEN | A brand new release inspired by the signature HALM Boxer + the Baby Boxer; a miniature version of the two. Small in size yet bold and playful. Versatile and Adaptable, wear this HALM bag the ’you’ way.


HALM Collection 1.3 Bags are designed in Dubai and Made in Italy with genuine French soft full grain and velvety nuback leather.



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