The trailer of Malayalam comedy #HOME is all things endearing

The Malayalam comedy drama premieres exclusively on 19th August, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video and will be available across 240 countries and territories.

Amazon Prime Video today unveiled the intriguing trailer of the recently announced Malayalam family drama #Home. Produced under the banner of Friday Film House, the trailer gives a sneak peek into the world of Oliver Twist (portrayed by Indrans), a humble, technology-challenged father who struggles to bond with his grown-up sons as they begin to drift apart and become engrossed in the world of social media. An extremely relevant and relatable story set in current times, #Home is a light-hearted family film that is set to premiere globally and exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on 19th August and will be available across 240 countries and territories.


#Home is written and directed by Rojin Thomas, produced by Vijay Babu and presents a versatile cast including Indrans and Sreenath Bhasi in the lead; along with Vijay Babu, Manju PillaiNaslen, Kainakary ThankarajKPAC LalithaSrikanth MuraliJohny AntonyPauly WilsonManiyan Pillai RajuAnoop MenonAju VargheseKiran AravindhakshanChithra and Priyanka Nair in pivotal roles.

Veteran Actor Indrans who plays the role of Oliver Twist said“I could completely relate to Oliver’s character. Just like him, I am not comfortable with technology and social media in real life. What really appealed to me about #Home is that it highlights the generation gap between parents and their children. The film is a contemporary and simple take on the most relatable issue that families deal with these days; that of a father trying hard to be his son’s best friend and to be a part of his world, while overcoming some hurdles, in this case- technology. The film is like a breath of fresh air that will keep viewers emotionally engrossed till the very end.”Talking about the happy collaboration once again with Vijay Babu, Indrans said, “Vijay Babu and I go back a long way and I have always enjoyed working with him. Reuniting with him for #Home was truly a homecoming experience.”

“#Home will make you question the importance and attention we give to our relationships. It is much more than the technology-challenges our parents face. I found this pervasive thought in the story extremely appealing,”said young and emerging actor, Sreenath Bhasi, who plays the role of Oliver Twist’s elder son, Anthony. Continuing further, he said, My character is like any of those thousands of millennials who are totally engrossed and lost in the chaos of a modern-day, social media and tech-savvy world. The film navigates through an emotional and heart-warming story of a father-son duo who juggle to adjust between each other’s lifestyle and find a common ground. I am certain that the film will take the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions.”


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