The Virtual Union that Won them their Filmfare Award: Read Anurag Saikia & Raghav Chaitanya’s unique story.

Social media is where it is all happening and to prove that there is a very interesting story of how Raghav, the youngest winner of Filmfare (singer category) met the music director Anurag Saikia for whose song he won the Filmfare Award.
Raghav Chaitanya won his first Filmfare Award for the movie Thappad song Ek Tukda Dhoop and got his first Bollywood break with Anurag Saikia to whom he met on social media platform (Instagram).
Anurag heard Raghav’s single online and connected with him. Anurag liked his voice and called him to his studio for trying out different songs. They recorded many songs before Thappad and got their breakthrough with Ek Tukda Dhoop exactly after a year they met each other.
Thappad is based on Taapsee’s character who is planning to leave her husband after he slaps her at a party. The video of the new song throws light on Taapsee and her husband’s disturbed relations after the incident. Taapsee shared the song on Instagram saying, “This is the song I used to set my mood before performing most of the critical scenes of the film… it really took my heart away…” Taapsee and she mentioned it in her tweet. She wrote, “Amrita … As an actor some characters set you free and some suffocate you. This was the latter for me… her righteousness, her maturity to handle every situation, determination deep inside and an infectious calmness on the outside…. she made me grow up.


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