The World Islands all set to open in Dubai

Dubai has always lived up to being one of the cities that greatly promotes innovative and unique experiences. This time it’s amazed us beyond imagination. Dubai introduces six startling themed islands that bring you the best of Europe.

A set of man-made islands that resemble the world map, located just few miles away from the Dubai coast. The Heart of Europe, This project brings European culture wrapped in all forms of entertainment to our finger tips. A luxurious assortment of restaurants and cafes, along with beaches and events to unwind. 

The phase one of the Heart of Europe has opened partially with Sweden and Germany beach villas to the famous Italy’s Portofino inspired hotel to honeymoon Islands, all located few miles away from one another. It’s one of Dubai’s biggest projects that’s aims at higher sustainability with only water transportation, making it a car-free zone. 

A collection of 300 private islands out of which nine of them have been developed. Dream resorts, private homes and much more. With all the travel we have missed out due to the pandemic, looks like the UAE residents can brace themselves for this exclusive opportunity to take a world tour by the end of this year without having to leave Dubai.

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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