TikTok makeup trends that are just waste of time and product!

Trends that we DON’T recommend! 

This Unexpected Foundation Tip Will Give You the Dewiest Finish

Makeup is a deep ocean, and we are enjoying discovering and diving deeper to try all makeup-related things. Most makeup trends go viral on TikTok. Many makeup artists and beauty influencers start a trend, and we are here to try them out and see if they are worth trying!


Pouring foundation in the water!

Recently, a new makeup trend started where you should pour the foundation in water. This trend is supposed to give better coverage, and makes the foundation last for a longer time!

This trend just doesn’t make sense! It’s a complete waste of time and product! There are  million ways that help in making the foundation last for a longer time – using loose powder for an instance – and for the full coverage option, the market has many foundations that will give you full coverage without the need of pouring any foundation in the water!

Well, the best thing to do is to drink that water and keep yourself hydrated.


Applying a LOT of foundation!

When we say “a lot” we mean A LOOOAAAT! It’s an amount that can be enough for five faces! The trend tells you to pour the foundation on your hand and apply it to your face, using your finger, and cover the whole face with the product. Then, using a beauty blender, blend the foundation well and top it up with compact powder!

We’ve nothing against using your finger to apply your foundation. The only thing is that you can get the same results – or even better – by using a reasonable amount of foundation! We completely don’t recommend this trend!


Applying concealer and loose powder to your eyelashes before using Mascara!

Well, to be honest, when we saw this trend we were sure that it will work. But, guess what, it didn’t! When we applied concealer and loose powder before applying the mascara, the results were shocking! Because it’s way better to just apply your mascara rather than applying layers of concealer and loose powder!

To get the best lashes, make sure that you apply your mascara starting from the roots, and be patient while applying it. Rushing might cause sticky lashes and smudged eyelids.


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