VALENTINE’S DAY: Here’s how you can make your day special at home!

T’is the season of love! But who says that Valentine’s Day is only about long drives and fancy dinners! Planning to make it a stay-at-home affair, here’s how you can make the day with your loved one truly special even while at home!

Popcorn, Couch & Movies!
Yes, a home date night is always a good idea! Celebrate romance in the good ol’ way snuggling in and watching some classic love stories unfold on your TV screens! Well, with the OTT invasion, you’re spoilt for choice too, so grab that popcorn early on and settle in for a cozy night in. Whether it’s old school romance like Casablanca or modern day romantic drama like Malcolm and Marie, throw in soft lights and you’re set!

Camp it in!
If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a backyard, then this is worth a shot. Camp it out or should we say camp in! Grab a tent, set up a barbecue, get some hot chocolate going and spend the night under the stars. Throw in the rugs and make it a cozy affair!

Gaming night!
Yes, that’s right! So what if he thought that he could game in only with his buddies, why not surprise him and show him that you’re just as much fun and tough to beat when it comes to that play-station. Or if you prefer board games, then keep some handy! Order in some Chinese, grab some colas and let the games begin!

Candlelight dinner for two!
Why not surprise her with a special candlelight dinner this time around! Cook in her special dishes, impress with some fine dining setting, a rose perhaps and bring on the candles… (Psst: Ordering in is fine too if you are not up for a kitchen adventure!) Dress up for this cozy and romantic table just for the two of you!


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