Virat Kohli features in Divine, Jonita Gandhi’s anthem Naya Sher; reveals the song resonates with his real-life!

Virat Kohli is known for playing bold in every aspect of life. Summing this up rightly is the country’s biggest cricket icon in his latest collaboration with India’s leading artistes Divine and Jonita Gandhi’s song ‘Naya Sher’! This new anthem showcases how bold choices make a difference as Divine and Jonita drop hard-hitting bars as Virat Kohli dances along.

“I’ve always been a player who never shies away from making bold choices on or off the field. I continue to carry the same attitude that helped me
become who I am. The boy from West Delhi would not be who he is if I had not made bold choices back then. It was a surreal experience shooting this song. I was myself whilst we shot this. To all the Naya Shers, Naya Daur, yeh tumhara kissa hai.
– Virat Kohli

This riveting song stands as symbol of hope and faith to aspiring talents facing societal pressure. Divine and Jonita with Virat Kohli deliver an eye-opening message to everyone and encourage them to follow their dreams. The video encapsulates a short journey of other Naya Shers like Gautam Kamath who broke the shackles of code and rewrote his code of life and dedicated it to skateboarding. Prarthana Jagan who rewrote the rules of beauty on social media. Tanvi Ravishankar broke the laws of modeling and carved her own path in the world of style and fashion.

“I am blessed that my journey has provided inspiration for those who want to follow their passion in life. For me Hip-Hop and music have always come first, and I am glad I followed my heart. Through this collaboration, Jonita and I have looked at bringing to life the conflict in everyone’s mind while they choose bold, aiming to inspire the next generation of path breakers along the way.”
– Divine

“Walking down the set path was never what I wanted to do. I always dreamed big, no matter how unlikely the prospects. It took a lot of courage and support, but I decided to believe in my abilities and push forward. When one door closed, I found another one and kept challenging the norms. With a lot of persistence and this ‘never say never’ attitude, I have been able to reach incredible heights and I am extremely proud to have chosen bold. As I say in the song (in Telugu), ‘Gelupe Mana Sontham,’ which means ‘The Victory is Ours,” said Jonita Gandhi about her journey and the song.

‘Naya Sher’ has been created by Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water in collaboration with Universal Music Group for Brands. The song is set to release and will be available on all leading music and social media platforms.


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