4 reasons to watch Vidya Balan’s Sherni

Vidya Balan has done what she does best. She effortlessly gets into the skin of the character she is playing – this time a forest officer by the name of Vidya Vincent who is on the look out for a tigress who is said to be a man-eater. Sherni, directed by Amit Masurkar, that premiered on Amazon Prime is a good watch for those looking for unusual content on OTT. A matter-of-fact story presented with pauses that most audiences across the world will fill in and unveil the parody of the scene.

The films takes you to the heart of the forest. Seldom are films set in forests. Here, the landscape is an important character of the film.

Amit M`asurkar narrates an important story without over-dramatising it. The director of Sulaimani Keeda and Newton, has subtly told us how the tiger is central to ecological change. Vidya Balan, as the new forest officer slips into her role with ease and makes the whole story believable, as if it is happening in your own neighbourhood.

Politics, corruption, red-tapism, and outdated babudom is juxtaposed against knowledge and the right lessons towards conservation. The other voice of reason in the film is the brilliant actor Vijay Raaz. The

Gender stereotypes are dealt with subtly in the film. The male officers including a senior officer played by Neeraj Kaabi reveals his real side depicting how power can corrupt the best of minds and activists. 

The man-animal conflict is depicted aptly. The world  of male hunters, poachers and apathetic government officials is contrasted with a kind, compassionate, gentle but firm woman officer who believes in conservation. The villagers connect to her and together, without any middle agency, they quietly get the right things.


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