“I am a huge Amitabh Bachchan fan,”says birthday boy Maniesh Paul

An average conversation with Maniesh Paul will certainly make you smile, laugh and laugh more. Endowed with a whacky humour, that he picks up and builds up humour from conversations and incidents around you. In a candid conversation with the warm and good humoured actor, comedian, host and singer.

Brush with Big B

I am a die-hard fan of Bachchan saab. I have a poster of him in my room and even have a 786 ka billa. At one awards night, I called him from the stage saying “Gale lagna toh banta hai.” He gave me a still look and then I walked up to him to hug him and he hugged me back warmly. After that, I asked him “Kaisa laga mujhe gale lagaake? “When he was hosting KBC, my parents were visiting me and I took my mom to meet him. She told him to always keep blessing me “Aaap apna haath iske sir par rakhna,” she said.  And he said, “Hum toh inse seekhte hain.” After he left, my mother tells me “Dekha mai bolti thi, he copies you.” (Laughs). Such an innocent line from my mom.

Daddy Roles

My wife and I handle both our kids during the lockdown by keeping them engaged at home. We play board games such as Ludo and Scrabble so that they remember that there is life beyond technology. Not everything is an app. We have kept our kids in a regular space – the celeb life is a bubble and we like to keep it normal. I don’t let them feel that I work in the film industry. My wife is happy to travel by economy and these are simple small things that we want to teach our kids.

Shoe Fetish

I collect shoes and I own 250 pairs of them. I started buying only when I could afford them. I shop from the US about 18-20 pairs in every colour. I own a pink leather pair that is pretty unusual and a pink leather shoe as well.

Life’s a Song too

Vishal Dadlani keeps prodding me to sing. I won a scholarship for singing in college since I was never interested in studies. But I struck a deal with my principal that I will prizes for the college and he in turn could waive off my poor attendance in Travel and Tourism. My dad is a Chartered Accountant and he wanted me to graduate. I graduated only because I wanted to marry Sanjukta.  I would study only for the last 8-10 days and I would buy notes from the topper, photocopy them. One register would cost Rs 50, so it was Rs 150 for three registers.  Since I am an auditory learner, my wife Sanjukta would read it out to me and I would remember them. In the same way my dialogues are read out to me and I just pick up points. I don’t need a teleprompter at all. My daughter is like that too. If I hummed a tune crossing her, as a baby she would be humming the same tune. My son remembers landmarks while we are out travelling.

Humour saves the day

For me humour is around us always and has saved me. And I am not super sensitive. If I get hurt, I move on and don’t keep grudges.  At one point, some actors would be hesitant to share the stage with me and today those actors are my friends. Work so hard that they can’t ignore you.  Also, I prefer to choose happiness over hurt. If I am angry, I go into my room, cool down and calm my anger down. My family leaves me alone if I am pissed off.  I have noticed that if you are angry, you tend to speak a lot and then kamaan se teer wapas nahi jati. What you say in anger will always be remembered. The hurt will always stay. Onstage too I am careful that I don’t say anything that will make the guest’s families feel bad. I leave it on a high always and never hurt below the belt.

Reliability is key

Somehow, people feel that I will walk through the star’s entourage and handle it. That I will be funny. I am glad that I helped created this. But I have been incredibly blessed. In 2013, I was hosting an award nights and Salman Khan suddenly, got up in the middle and said “C’mon Manish”. On his way back, at the red carpet, he mentioned that I am the best host in the universe. After that I hiked my fees! (Laughs). He then invited me to his Eid party and met me very nicely. And then later told me “Aap bhi Chalo Dabbang tour par”. It was a huge opportunity. I had mentioned to him about an earlier award ceremony that I was hosting and had asked the organizers to give me a good entry and they had declined. And now, Salman Khan was telling me that I would enter with 45 dancers onstage. “Apna show hai na,” he said. He gave that space and he also told me to dance with him during his performance. He respects me and I reciprocate with love and respect.

Stars and I

Akshay Kumar is a huge prankster and a big one at that. During Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, I blushed in front of Madhuri Dixit and when I had to dance with her, kept dancing far away from her. She hugged me though I was so shy. Jacqueline and I are the mad team in Dabbang tour – we go mad onstage. Katrina Kaif, during the tour, challenged me that you will not come onstage when I am dancing and when Afghan jalebi happened, I joined here. We had a great time.

Faux Pas

As a host and presenter, there are many instances where your presence of mind saves your day. That I can work without a teleprompter being the foremost. Once during theMumbai police show, every star comes for 15-20 minutes and when my name was announced, a big star arrived, On the spot, I made sure that I welcomed the star and saved the day. Once the teleprompter wasn’t there and I had to improvise the show. The entire show!

Future roles

Though I am in the light-hearted space, I am ready for intense roles and I want to experiment now.




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