MEN’S SKINCARE SPECIAL: Cleanse, Hydrate, Pamper the skin with Codex!

Biotech skincare brand Codex Beauty Labs presents an effective skincare routine for men 

Since its launch in 2018, Codex Beauty Labs has been a leading name when it comes to healthy skincare routines. Having developed their formulations using the highest standards of performance, safety and integrity, the brand is grounded in science, that honors nature and leaves a visibly healthy complexion.

Men’s skincare routines often lean towards efficiency and simplicity. And Codex provides just that. Follow these simple steps to achieve clear, healthy, and protected skin:

Step 1: Cleanse

Antu Refreshing Gel Cleanser is the ultimate choice for a refreshing feeling and is especially suitable for those who shave. Use in the morning and evening to get rid of debris that will clog up pores and allow the carefully formulated cleanser to purify and soothe skin post-shaving with key ingredients M3 Antioxidants, Soap Bark, and Fatty Acids (ALA).

Step 2: Hydrate

The Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood is a multi-use hydrator made with Codex Beauty Labs’ unique BiaComplex™. This hydrating and nourishing treatment cream helps treat dry, flaky and irritated skin and is ideal for post-shaving irritation and deep hydration of face, hands and body. The Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood is specifically formulated without any essential oils which makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

For those who live in warmer climates or prefer a lighter texture, The Antu Brightening Moisturizer is a restoring daytime moisturizer that protects the skin barrier and helps defend against exposure airborne particulate matter pollutants. Made with the patent pending AntuComplex™ formula, this product is clinically proven to alleviate damage caused by UV light exposure and refine the appearance of pores.


Step 3: Under-eye area

The skin underneath our eyes is much thinner than elsewhere which makes this area especially prone to sensitivities, sun-damage and signs of aging. Use the Antu Brightening Eye Cream as your final step in the skincare routine to protect the area around your eyes and fade the appearance of under-eye dark circles. The lightweight eye cream strengthens the skin barrier and helps defend against exposure to airborne particulate matter pollutants with the use of ingredients such as AntüComplex™, Muira Puama, Suma, and Dragon’s Blood.



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