Prateek Kuhad whose song is on Barack Obama’s music playlist, debuts new Hindi EP ‘Shehron Ke Raaz’

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad will be welcoming music enthusiasts once again into his intimate world of immersive artistry as he debuts his much-awaited quartet EP Shehron Ke Raaz

Bolstered with intimate songwriting, earnest lyricism and experimental flare, the listener is transported into the intimate and often concealed worlds that lovers create for themselves through the record. Translating to ‘secrets of cities’, the four-track collection was recorded earlier this year at Mumbai’s celebrated Yashraj Studios.

Recreating the warmth5 and vulnerability that are a signature on his recordings using contemporary indie sensibilities to forge an infrangible connection with the audience, Kuhad elaborates on the EP, “Big cities have countless stories of lovers lost in their own little worlds, and while their particular corner of the city may be small in the grand scheme of things, their emotional universe is large and all-encompassing. This EP explores love in a very gentle and personal manner. The stories are hidden, and they belong to those who wish to participate in them. The music attempts to represent hope, mystery, and wonder in the most beautiful way possible.”

Although Kuhad sings in Hindi on the record, there’s a flawless authenticity to his delivery that transcends the confines of language and culture, resulting in a dreamy, modest, and profoundly moving EP that serves as a prime example of his eclecticism.

Standing in stark contrast to the heartache and longing of Kuhad’s 2018 breakout collection, ‘cold/mess’, Shehron Ke Raaz a refreshingly evocative, full-bodied release, relentlessly dives into the unbounded territory of commitment, desire and infatuation – the songs are hushed and tender, with sparse, subtle arrangements and whispery vocals, and the production is similarly understated and nuanced, calling to mind everything from Jose Gonzalez to Sufjan Stevens in its’ elegant honesty.

The EP includes title track Shehron Ke Raaz, Khone Do, Tere Hi Hum and the acoustic version of 2020’s hit single Kasoor.

Shehron Ke Raaz is available now on all streaming platforms via Elektra Records.

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