Vikrant Rona First Look: Kichcha Sudeepa introduced as the Lord of the Dark in Dead Man’s Anthem

Kichcha Sudeepa-starrer Vikrant Rona was the first mega-budget films to have hit the floors in the early days of the pandemic. On the occasion of superstar’s birthday, the makers dropped an exciting first glimpse that follows the entry of Vikrant Rona as he strikes fear into his his enemies heart. The visuals complement Kichcha Sudeepa’s swag and he is called the ‘Lord of the Dark’ by the narrator in the aptly titled ‘The Deadman’s Anthem’.

Director Anup Bhandari says, “I am very happy that we got to celebrate Sudeepa sir’s birthday with ‘Deadman’s Anthem’ first glimpse reveal of Vikrant Rona. Vikrant Rona is a mysterious character and the first glimpse captures that. While making the film, I was aware of its humongous scale, but Sudeepa sir’s embodiment of the titular hero has elevated it even further. Happy birthday to him.”

Producer Jack Manjunath says, “We wish Sudeepa sir the warmest birthday wishes with the First Glimpse of Vikrant Rona. It’s incredible and we’re raring to go on such a positive note. His energy, passion and his will to make cinema that’s big enough to withstand the test of time is what makes Vikrant Rona special.”

Vikrant Rona is a multilingual 3-D action adventure that will have a Pan India release in 14 languages and a global reach in 55 countries. Directed by Anup Bhandari, produced by Jack Manjunath and Shalini Manjunath, co-produced by Alankar Pandian, music by B Ajaneesh Loknath, the film features sets designed by Award winning art director Shivkumar and frames lit up by DOP William David. It stars Kichcha Sudeepa, Nirup Bhandari and Jacqueline Fernandez.


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