Weekend vibes!

The weekend is the time when all of us decide to chill, enjoy, and pamper ourselves! in this article, we are listing few activities to do to enjoy your weekend to the max. what about your plans? Share with us in the comments section.


1- Watch a new movie/ series 🍿 

Watching a new movie/series is like visiting a new place, meeting new people, knowing new stories.


2- Try a new make-up tutorial 💄 

Girls, all of us saved a make-up tutorial promising ourselves to try it later. Well, this weekend try it and share your look with your friends.

3-  Cook your favorite dish 🥘 

Let the chief inside you take it over! and yes, a good meal will definitely make your day better.

4- Skincare routine and masks 💕 

After a week of putting makeup, your skin needs extra attention. try new masks with natural ingredients and let your skin glow.

5- Meet friends 👭👬👫

While Dubai is open again, you have many places to visit with your friends. Hotels, restaurants, malls and beaches!

6- Clean your home 🏠

A deep cleaning will reflect on your mood. Clean, light a candle and enjoy your time alone.

7- Sort your wardrobe 🛍👜👕👔

It’s always good to give away clothes that don’t fit you anymore, bags and shoes you don’t use any more. So, if you have plenty of time, prepare those things and give it away for the needies.


pictures from: www.pinterest.com


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