Your Nude makeup guide!

The Nude makeup trend is baaccckkk!

Clean and nude makeup is what we want this season. Let’s keep it simple and easy as we are sharing with you the easiest steps to get your nude makeup on point! Nude makeup is becoming celebrities’ first choice for their red carpet looks and for their main events appearance. Nude makeup looks are characterized by skin-tone-inspired shades, leaning into a natural look.

Prepare your skin

The key to a perfect Nude Makeup look is healthy skin. Make sure that you prepare your skin for the makeup by cleansing and moisturizing it before starting your makeup.

Primer it up

This product plays a very important role in how your makeup will eventually look. The primer controls the oil on the skin and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles. Primers help in keeping your makeup for a longer time.

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Choose the right foundation

When you are buying a new foundation, besides choosing the perfect shade, make sure that you are getting the best foundation texture and formula for your skin. Avoid buying a lighter shade foundation, and remember that the perfect foundation tone is either the exact skin-tone shade or a shade darker. For a more natural makeup look, avoid the heavy and full-coverage foundations and opt for foundations with less coverage.


Don’t forget the blush

You will be surprised to see what a little amount of blush can do to your face. Your nude makeup look will instantly appear a lot more natural after you add a hint of color to your cheeks. Just avoid using a contrasting shade, use something that will look natural and comes close to your skin tone.

Add colors to your lips

Pick a shade that’s closest to your skin tone and apply carefully using the applicator. If you are using a bullet lipstick use a brush for application.






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