Amrita Rao’s video with her baby is all things mushy

In an interview she had mentioned, “I have been up most of the night feeding my baby and it’s not like your shift ends and you get to sleep in the day, the day continues catering to every second of Veer. You have to put behind yourself and now you become your second priority.”

Amrita also added that husband Anmol is a hands-on dad and she even has a name for him after he became a father. “I’m very impressed with him. He was excited about giving Veer a bath from day one. He stayed awake at intervals at night when I needed help. He also changes nappies and can pretty much handle Veer without me. I call him the Japa-Papa for Veer,” she had said.

Her advice to new moms would be to not hand over your baby to a nanny as much as possible. “I understand if you’re a working mom it’s extremely difficult but it’s important to spend time with the baby yourself, that’s the only way you will understand your child and keep talking to the baby as much as you can from the start.”


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